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The Vintage Minimal Gold Collection- How I’d Style It

To me, jewellery has always been a sentimental affair. Despite purchasing numerous necklaces in an attempt to live out my opulent dreams of dripping in gold (the budget friendly kind of course), there are only two pieces I wear constantly. One is a silver ring I bought as an 18th birthday present to myself on a trip to Tiffany & Co in New York. I was in the midst of an Audrey Hepburn obsession, sharing a sentiment of many a teenage girl in thinking I was born in the wrong era, that I belonged in sixties New York prancing down Fifth Avenue in a belted trench coat and sunglasses. I felt incredibly special and fancy as hell stepping into Tiffany’s and having my very own custom ring made. I still wear it to this day, every day. Truth be told it doesn’t really fit with my style anymore, but it serves the arguably more desirable quality of nostalgia- memories flooding back to the wonder on my face at first site of the city I’d always idolized.

The only other piece I wear daily is a recent addition, a gold ring bought for me by my boyfriend last year. It’s described as a rope ring, handmade, with each piece of metal twisting around the other. Upon gifting it to me, my boyfriend told the story of how he almost chose another design, but he felt this one was more appropriate, because it looked more delicate, more ornate, and it reminded him of something an Elf out of Lord of the Rings would wear (we’re both Tolkien enthusiasts and regularly discuss which creatures we would inhabit in middle earth). It’s beautiful and I wear it every day, but I would treasure this piece regardless of what it looked like, purely for the reason that he bought it for me.

Perhaps it says something about my heartfelt attachment to jewellery, that this sentimentality does not extend to my clothes. When it comes to my wardrobe, I enjoy the odd clear out. It usually happens every six months or so, when I decide for no particular reason that the items I’ve worn consistently over the past year have become aged, tired, no longer exciting to put together. I decide I want an entirely new look- bright colours as opposed to neutrals, minimal as opposed to retro. Whilst it pains me to admit it, I remove and replace, always on the lookout for the next jacket or pair of ankle boots to spark my interest. Jewellery somehow, seems more permanent. Those little trinkets you’ll keep for years whether you wear them or not. Draped over a jewellery stand or nestled in a little dish, they sit there as tokens of nostalgia, patiently waiting until you feel ready to lay them on and indulge in their stories once more. They’re special, and deserve to be treated as such.

So, when Danielle from Charlie Luxe Vintage asked if I wanted to collaborate on the new jewellery collection they had coming out, it was an offer impossible to turn down. The new Vintage Minimal Gold Collection features a range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all with ornate sixties and seventies detailing. Vintage is another of my loves, my devotion to 60s Hollywood since evolved to retro fashion and styling. I’ve put together a little edit of how I wear these beautiful pieces. My style tends to veer on the side of simple, with a few vintage patterns and tailoring mixed in for good measure. Easy but a little offbeat, halfway between a minimalist and a maximalist. The Vintage Minimal Gold Collection fits pretty well into this category, it’s contrasting patterns and textures pairing perfectly with most fits. As always though, when it comes to styling jewellery, I say keep it simple.

-Layer up your necklaces-

Layering your necklaces not only provides the perfect excuse to wear everything at once (ideal if you’re indecisive like me), it also adds more dimension to the pieces and allows it to look a little more effortless. I chose to combine two of my favourite pieces from the collection- the beautiful Padlock Heart necklace with the Horseshoe necklace. Here, I’ve worn them alongside a vintage velvet maroon blazer and black culottes. This blazer is actually from a menswear collection, but I usually prefer a more oversized fit when looking for jackets. As a general rule I like to keep things simple when I’m accompanying my outfit with lots of jewellery. If I’m not wearing a blazer, I might opt for my leopard print silk midi skirt with a plain black t shirt.

-Allow the jewellery to stand out-

As a general guideline, the more jewellery I’m wearing, the simpler I want my outfit to be. I don’t like to pair too many colours and textures at once (though a couple of different textures paired together can look great and make an outfit appear a little more luxe). Personally, I like to go for simple, more androgynous lines and shapes with my clothing. Here I’ve paired a vintage striped shirt with my necklaces, and my favourite chunky gold hoops from the collection. These hoops are a little smaller than the ones you typically see, which is generally more to my liking. They’re also incredibly ornate with the most beautiful detailing, which means you can afford to go a little plainer with your clothing choices. Once again, I’m wearing a trusty pair of black culottes to keep things simple and clean- but for an even more casual look, a pair of blue jeans would also work really well.

-Create the perfect ring stack-

Much like necklaces, I find rings most appealing when they’re worn all together. These are delicate and ornate with fine detailing, just the way I like my rings. Because they’re all gold however, they don’t clash when you wear them all at once. Particular favourites from the Vintage Minimal Gold Collection include the twisted crown ring (again very delicate and ethereal in its look), and the two thicker band star rings. They also add a little bit of glamour to the everyday, even if it’s just cradling your morning cup of coffee. I find these best worn with an oversized shirt or a thick cosy jumper (coffee optional). For a more dressed up look, pair a well-loved baggy jumper with a smarter midi skirt. The rings matched with something a little more casual creates that perfect ‘I just woke up and slipped this on’ look, whilst still allowing you to indulge in that classic vintage glamour we all love. I’m may still be prancing through old New York in my dreams, but this time I’m doing it in adorned in gold.

To browse the full collection, visit Charlie Luxe Vintage.

Catherine Leilah

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