I have been absolutely dying to start this feature . There are so many fabulous folks on Instagram collecting, selling, and making jewellery that speaks to my soul, and I cannot wait to find out what drives you all. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who is filled with curiosity so what better way to get the deets than an interview ?

To start this off, I thought I would ask the lovely Eve from @evecharlotte on Instagram if she fancied a chat about jewels and thankfully she said yes ! I had many questions for her and she was gracious enough to answer them all in lovely detail :


Eve I love your seaglass pendants they are absolutely stunning, could you tell me about how you find and select the pieces to make into jewellery ?

Thank you so much, Danielle! I have been collecting sea glass, little pieces of pottery and shells for years now. I am on the lookout even more now that I have started using the glass to make jewellery. I am quite particular with the colours and shapes that I choose and I will only keep pieces that I am drawn to. It helps when the sea has done a lot of the work already and smoothed the glass into a naturally pleasing shape!

What inspired you to turn these essentially forgotten pieces of glass into beautiful jewellery ? 

I have always felt such a buzz finding beautiful treasures washed up with the tide. I love the meditative action of walking along a beach focusing on the shingle in the hope of catching a little gleam of colour among the greys and browns of the pebbles. I like the idea that something that is essentially littering the ocean, gradually transforms into something so pretty. It seemed like a very natural step in the creative process to then turn these gems into something wearable.

I also love the silver charms you create from shells can you tell me a bit about those pieces ?

I attended a metal clay workshop in London a couple of years ago. It enabled me to start making jewellery in my own home without the need for tons of tools or much experience! I liked the idea of taking a mould from a shell and turning it into a silver charm. I wanted to combine my love of both jewellery and nature to create simple necklaces for people who yearn for the sea but aren’t in a position to be able to visit the beach everyday.

Is there anything you look towards for inspiration when you make your jewellery ?

Mermaids! I ask myself ‘Is this the sort of necklace/charm a mermaid would wear?’

Your feed is filled with beautiful scenic photos , whereabouts are you based ?

I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands which is in between France and England. The island is only 5 miles long by 9 miles wide so it’s pretty small but it is a lovely place. There are tons of beautiful beaches (hence the sea glass obsession!) and lots of gorgeous cliff path walks. I walk dogs for a living so I am lucky enough to explore various parts of the island on a daily basis.

I often find myself lost in some of your beautiful nature shots, would you say nature is something that is important to you ?

It is so important to me. As cheesy as it sounds, I find that nature and animals are the best kind of therapy. Whether it’s swimming in the sea, watching squirrels scampering around in the autumn sunshine or being in the company of my dogs and cats, nature never fails to calm me and make me smile. I like to incorporate beach cleans into my walks and feel that picking up as much plastic as I can is often as rewarding as finding treasures.

When did you discover your love for jewellery ?

I would say my real passion for jewellery, antique in particular, started around the age of 18 (I am now 29). I went to local vintage fairs with my Mum and always felt a huge sense of excitement scouring through the jewellery stalls.

After getting into the world of Instagram, I started following jewellery based accounts. Hannah Peters of @jewelleryhannah was one person in particular who’s jewellery collection I fell in love with and really inspired my own interest in the subject.

In February next year, I will be going over to the UK to attend a weekend workshop with her so it’s pretty much come full circle which is very exciting!

I stalk your Instagram on the regz and you have a fabulous collection of antique pieces, could you tell me what draws you to antique jewellery ?

I have always loved anything to do with the Victorian and Edwardian era including novels, films and art as well as jewellery. The history of the pieces really intrigues me. Who wore it before you? What has it seen? Who gave it to them? Was it a particularly special in their collection ? I feel honoured to wear a beautiful piece of the past.

Finally , what are your favourite pieces of personal collection jewellery that you couldn’t be without ?

There are some pieces you just know you have to have. I have a gold shield ring encrusted with the most beautiful cornflower blue sapphires (from @dearrosewithlove) which I fell head over heels in love with as soon as I saw a photo of it. I had been through quite a rough time during the previous few months and I felt like this ring signified protection.

One ring I wear 24 hours a day is a thin gold band from @catbirdnyc engraved with the name of my cat, ‘Mads’. She is incredibly important to me so this piece of jewellery, no matter how simple, is too ❤️


Thanks so much Eve for the interview and chatting with me about your jewels . If you would like to check out Eve’s jewellery you can follow her on Instagram here, where she is @evecharlotte. I purchased an electric blue piece from her recently and I am in love !

I hope you all enjoyed this Jewel chat- Thanks for reading .

Danielle x