I’m excited to finally share how our photo shoot with the lovely Zoe from Lila Vintage went, how the day ran and what to expect if you ever find yourself in a professional studio .

Autumn 2019 we decided it was time to have our jewellery shot professionally to create some high quality content that can be used throughout social media and our new website . It was something we had been considering for a while and planning . A tip ; A mood board is essential, without the board to refer back to during the shoot I think we would have really struggled to put across our vision . To think I nearly opted not to bring ours is pretty crazy after how heavily it was used by us for reference and inspiration .

We started brainstorming for this in September and by November our photoshoot came round quickly . I reached out to Zoe Keegan from Lila Vintage to ask if they would be interested in collaborating with us, and providing clothes for the models to wear for the shoot . It was really cool that they agreed to join us for this as I honestly think it made the shoot that much more magical and spectacular . We really wanted to create a collaborative effort and bring together Zoe’s beautiful clothes alongside our Jewellery – A match made in vintage heaven !

Having never planned a shoot before I really didn’t know what to expect in regards to how long a shoot lasts, how the shoot goes from start to finish , who styles the models etc etc and I had to just go with it on the day and try to keep up . We arrived nerves running high just as the models were arriving, and it was straight into hair and makeup with the fabulous Keti Nikolova of keti makeup . It is quite overwhelming and intimidating stepping into a busy studio, but the people working there are so warm and professional that this does ease the nerves a tad. I’m sure I won’t be the first person to turn up looking like a deer caught in the headlights, so if this is you ( a little nervous wreck) be reassured that you’re in good hands.

We had a moodboard ready of the vibe we wanted for this shoot, and after showing the makeup artist the images and hair styles we agreed to the ones you see in the photos ; they work for showing off the earrings which was something we hadn’t considered – Keti pointed this out and worked to create glam styles that allowed the jewellery to shine .

I was apprehensive to style the models. It feels strange to be putting jewellery on other humans that you’ve just met that morning, and asking them to wear clothes you have picked out for them . The girls are very professional and of course, do this day in and day out , but for me I felt super strange doing it and I’m not sure I ever really got over the weirdness. Zoe from Lila Vintage arrived to give me a hand and her knowledge of style and input on the day was absolutely invaluable . She is a pro with clothes, and how best to style things together . Zoe brought a real calm, relaxed aspect to the shoot ( something I really needed), her opinions and taste really shone through with what the girls are wearing and how they are styled in the photos.

A few hours in and I started to relax and get into the swing of things . It became easier to ask the models to wear what we needed, I felt more confident in my choice of styling and I got over being scared to ask the photographer to retake a photo for me . I think it’s one of those sink or swim situations and I ended up enjoying myself so much I can’t wait to do it all over again this year .

It was so much fun to rifle through all of the dreamy garments Zoe had chosen to bring on the day . Her vintage clothes are so very classy and gorgeously high quality, something that modern high street offerings today fall woefully short on. Once the shoot was over we were on to choosing photos. I really appreciated having Zoe there to lend a second eye to shots and point out images that stood out above the others- when you’re faced with 10+ of very similar near identical images it can be tricky to sift out the winners .

I highly recommend following Zoe on instagram @lilavintage where you will find beautiful images and dreamy vintage clothing to peruse . Her shop can be found here on etsy and she is knowledgeable, so so friendly and wonderful at what she does . Checking out her shop is absolutely essential for folks looking to create a more sustainable wardrobe. All the items are sourced and curated by Zoe herself, and she is offering a truly sustainable solution to the fast fashion crisis .